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Shoto-kai is the true discipline of karate-do and was established over 80 years ago by the originator of modern karate-do, Gichin Funakoshi.

In orthodox Karate-do, exercises mainly consist of basic moves and forms. There are no contests. Master Funakoshi used to say that "there are no contests in karate".

The way of Karate Can be practiced by anyone,any age.
The way of Karate uses a lot of physical energy in a short time.
The way of Karate makes you confront yourself.


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Nihon Karate Do Shoto-kai Honbu Dojo Shoto-kan
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You can observe our lessons any time.
picture We are practicing almost everyday. Please inform us of the day and time you want to observe our lessons, in advance by e-mail, telephone, or applicaition form.

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