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Joining Shoto-kan
Shoto-kan is the main dojo of Nihon Karate-do Shoto-kai.

Shoto-kan was built by Gichin Funakoshi, the originator of modern karate-do, as a place for Shoto-kai members to train and spread karate, and has a history of over 80 years.

Shoto-kan follows the true discipline of karate-do, and sticks to the practicing system of fundamentals, kata, and kumite.
Shoto-kan uses 19 kata as forms established by Shoto-kan, which can be practiced by people of all ages and both sexes.

Kata is a series of blocking and attacking movements, and is composed of various combinations of blocking and attacking techniques. By practicing kata, trainees acquire the skills specific to karate, in which blocking and attacking moves are simultaneously performed. This means karate is also an effective art of self defense for women and children, who are physically weaker than men.

Karate-do is an art of courtesy, as it is said that karate starts with a bow and ends with a bow.
By practicing karate, one can learn the spirit of Budo and cultivate his or her courage, courtesy, self-discipline and other spiritual virtues as well as karate techniques.

The way of Karate Can be practiced by anyone; yourth, ladies and middle aged and old people.
The way of Karate uses a lot of physical energy in a short time.
The way of Karate makes you confront yourself.


Juvenile section For children, just before entering elementary school up to junior high school students.
Adult section For high school students and older people.
There are no special limits.

Dan and kyu (classes)

Section Class Belt color
Juvenile section:
from 18 kyu to juvenile sho-dan
18 - 16 kyu white
15 - 13 kyu orange
12 - 9 kyu blue
8 - 5 kyu green
4 - 3 kyu purple
2 - 1 kyu brown
Juvenile section first dan level black with white line
Adult section:
from 8 kyu to 5-dan
8 - 7 kyu white
6 - 5 kyu green
4 - 3 kyu purple
2 - 1 kyu brown
Adult section first dan level - 5 dan black

Grading test

Grading tests are performed for Shoto-kan members twice a year (June and November) at Shoto-kan.
Referees are the Principal, Chief instructor, Vice-chief instructors, headquarter's referees, etc.
For those who want to attain 5-dan, united tests are performed at Shoto-kan.

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